• Paragliding

    Carried out from 1975 meters high peak of Mount Babadag, paragliding is an interest in growing every day. Thermal points rich and widespread use after takeoff rise even higher over the sea to fly property, surrounding vegetation wealth, insatiable beauty Ölüdeniz landscape, the sea in a sweet slope and much more reason Babadag an unbeatable paragliding center konumundadır.babadağ, on 4 with runways of Fethiye, Oludeniz and Co-dominant position in the valley, so the whole world is an interesting alternative tourism activities.

  • Diving

    County of our many travel agents by the Tourism Ministry of Tourism Sportive Activities Permit by taking the dive tours düzenlenmektedir.ayrı by the Tourism Ministry Licenced resorts on-site diving school diving tours düzenlemektedir.zeng's flora and fauna, with mysterious sea bottom those wanting to explore and dive training , offering both sport and this activity can take a picture of our county twelve months in favorable climatic conditions can be sustained.

  • Walk

    Alternative tourism activities in the travel agency organized by the daily, weekly walking tours respondents, rich animal and plant communities see the rural culture of recognition, historical sites to explore and to nature by living contemporary life, from the stressful environment away the chance to catch ...

  • Jeep Safari

    County of our travel agents, they perform different itineraries and challenging tour, overcoming obstacles access to the mysterious beauty of wild nature and history of the number increasing every day, which attracts people of all ages are increasingly widespread activity. Our district jeep safari travel agents who are listed below.

  • Horse Riding

    In recent years, our district is starting to see more interest in sports biniciliktir.özellikl another alternative, starting from Ovacik near Kayakoy and an excursion to nature lovers to taste the thrill is more diverse and interesting. Of the Taurus Mountains to the Mediterranean Sea in the route reached an unmissable opportunity to ride on horseback to do is go into the eye.